These policies are applicable to and all other public sites on the World Wide Web operated by Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C..

Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. does not currently collect personal identifying information ("Information") except 1) to the extent that your web browser provides Information to our web server (such as the site you linked from, the identity of your Internet Service Provider, or the type of browser you are using); 2) to the extent that you provide Information to us in an e-mail message; and 3) to the extent that you provide Information to us in a web page form (for example, when you complete a feedback form). Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. will use your Information only for that specific purpose for which you submitted the Information, except that Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. may use Information it obtains from its site in an aggregated form in order to gauge the usefulness and popularity of its web pages, or links to or from our site.

Cookies are pieces of information used for recordkeeping that some web sites store on the computer that is browsing that web site ("Cookies").  Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. does not currently use Cookies on its web site; however it may decide to use them in the future. If you have your browser set to not accept Cookies, you may experience slightly slower response times.

Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. does not post or transmit advertising spam. Although Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C.’s website may contain hyperlinks to third-party sites, Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. is not liable for any spam that may attach to third-party sites. Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. has no control over any other third-party websites, their contents or their operators and has no liability arising out of or related thereto. The existence of any such links does not constitute an endorsement of such websites, the contents of the websites or the operators of the websites. Third-party sites are governed by their own usage policies and visitors to our site are advised to view these third-party site policies.

Bacon & Vinton, L.L.C. reserves the right to change this policy at any time by posting a new privacy policy at this location.